Best Car Wash Soap For Black Cars For Shine

Chemical Guys CWS_301 Citrus Wash

Optimum (NR2010G) No Rinse Wash

Mothers 05602 California Gold Car Wash

Everyone loves their vehicles whether it is a car or Jeep. But if you own black cars then it needs extra care. A car owner knows how important it is to wash a car using the best wash soap. Dust on car exert car’s shining and make it dull in look. To remove dust you require a car duster.

After paying huge money on a dream car, no one wants their car to look dull or unattractive. To shine your car, you need to wash it regularly. But washing a car with household items like a shop, detergents can be dangerous for the car’s shine. So you need the best car wash soap for your black cars.

There are lots of companies which are making car washes or shampoos that clean cars properly without damaging the car’s paint and shine. It is our duty to pick or find out the best car wash soap for black cars.

It is very difficult to maintain a black car and it is a challenging task for us. But with perfect car wash soap, you can make it the easiest task. If you don’t have any idea about the best car soap then here we help you. We will help you with how to select the best soap and what qualities should you car wash soap have.

Qualities Of Best Car Wash Shop

Make sure your car soap should have all the properties and qualities that are given below. You must consider all these things while buying car wash soap mainly for black cars.

  • Good foaming Property

Remember one thing that a good soap always produces lots of suds. Ensure that these suds do not flatten quickly then they should be long-lasting for better performance.

A car wash soap that produces thick and huge suds, always performs well and removes all the dust from the car surface and doesn’t require additional scrubbing.

  • Lubrication Property

A soap that has a lubricating property then it best for our black car. During washing with such soap, it makes a coating over car’s paint and works as lubrication to void deposition of dust.

  • Value of Money

Every product we buy for some specific purpose and if it fails to fulfill that particular purpose then it is wastage of money. Some it is in wash soaps also. Buy the best car wash soap for a black car that is worthy of you.

  • Balanced pH value

Every soap that is available in the market for washing cars has a balanced pH value. But still, it is our duty to check it before making a deal. An unbalanced pH value soap not only damages your car’s paint but also damage that particular place where you will wash your car.

  • Water spot and streak resistance

Yes, A car wash soap should have quick-drying property so that no water spots be thereafter washing the car. If a soap solution has the property to dry quickly then there will be no residue of water or dust. Otherwise, your car will look dirty even after washing it. So make sure your car soap should have both properties i.e. streak and water spot resistance.

  • Best Shine Provider

If a car wash soap can provide the best shine to black cars along with other qualities then only we can say it is a good product for us.

  • It should be bio-degradable and environment friendly
  • It should have a good smell so that people who have some allergies from the bad smell they can also use it

Equipment Require To Wash Your Car

The best Soap is not sufficient to wash your black car. There are some more important items that should be present while washing a car. So let us have a look at them.

  • Two buckets: Without this item, you can’t wash your car at home. You must have two buckets and fill one bucket with the soap solution and another with clean water.
  • Good quality Washing Mitt: Never ever try to use normal cloth. A microfiber washing mitt can easily fir into your hands and does not harm your car’s paint and avoid scratches on a black car.

black car wash items

  • Hose: A hose is also important for you if you want to wash your black car quickly. You can think about car wash foam gun.
  • Drying Cloth: It is also very important while washing a car. With the help of drying cloth, you can easily remove water drops from the car body and can avoid water spots.

Different Methods to Apply Car Wash Soap On Black Cars

  1. Bucket Method: This is the most common method that people frequently use to wash their black cars. You only need 2 buckets, wash mitt or a foam cannon. Just make a solution to wash soap or shampoo with water in a bucket and dip wash mitt to create suds. Now apply that soap solution to your car body with the help of a wash mitt.
  2. Foam Cannon Method: It is also a simple method. There are lots of people who apply the soap solution to their cars using foam cannon. In this method, just load your soap solution into a small tank of cannon and spray it on your car surface. In this method, you can avoid those stretches that come while using wash mitt.
  3. Pressure wash method: If you really want to avoid even micro-scratches then go for this method. In this method, you need a foam cannon and a pressure washer. Just apply the soap solution using foam cannon and rinse car using a pressure washer. Then Use drying towel to remove water drops or spots.
  4. Touchless Method: There will not be a single micro scratch in this method. But you must have a foam cannon, pressure washer, and blower. Apply soap solution using foam cannon and rinse your car using a pressure washer and make it dry with the help of a blower. You have not touched your car during the whole method and avoid all the scratches.

Top 5 Best Car Wash Shop For Black Cars

A huge number of wash soaps are available in the market and it is very difficult to find the best one. But you need not worry because we have made a list of best car wash soaps for a black car on the basis of customer reviews, specifications, features and many more.

1. Chemical Guys WER34 Wash

There are lots of reasons to place this washing soap at the top position. You will be surprised to know that every chemical used in this soap is environmentally friendly. It is having citrus and flavors of fruits that make it wonderful and give the best smell.

You will get thick foaming suds while using chemical guys citrus wash soap and that suds will pick all dust and give the best shine. Even it doesn’t leave any residue after washing your car.

1 gallon of this soap is sufficient enough for your black cars. If you are looking for a non-hazardous wash and don’t want to damage their car’s surface then it is perfect for you. Its biodegradable solution helps you be an eco-friendly user.

Chemical Guys Citrus Wash



Key Features

  • Dilution Ratio is 1 cap full of the soap with 5 gallons water
  • Contain Natural Citrus Cleaners
  • Have Ultra High Foaming Capabilities for best result
  • Unique Gloss Enhancing Formula
  • Fast penetrating citrus help lubricating foam to avoid scratches
  • 100 percent surface friendly
  • Having Biodegradable formula
  • Creates waxy coating for long term shining


  • Brand- Chemical Guys
  • Item Weight- 1.1 pounds
  • Model Number- CWS_301


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2. Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine

As we have already discussed, the black car is very difficult to maintain. There are lots of people who use normal soap to wash their black cars and hide their cars instead of showing to people because normal soap doesn’t give that much shining.

This Optimum No Rinse wash shop has a best-researched chemical formula that makes a strong bond with the car’s paint and provides the best shine for the long term. A little amount of water (1 gallon or 2 gallons) is sufficient enough with this soap to give the best shine.

But the most important point is that you must use microfiber cloths while washing with this soap. It will not leave any soapy reside if you have mixed it with water properly.

Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine

Key Features

  • Get brilliant shine using less water
  • Professional’s best choice for faster and cleaner results
  • Contains the best mixture of lubricating polymers remove germs, dirt and give a brilliant finish
  • Safe to use on almost every vehicle like car, jeeps, trucks, etc.
  • Don’t require any hoses
  • Good to use in cold weather


  • Brand Name: Optimum
  • Item Weight: 8.65 pounds
  • Model Number: NR2010G

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3. Mothers California Gold Car Wash

Radiation coming from the sun can easily damage your black car’s paint and its shining. But by using such best car wash soap, you can easily make your car shine for long-lasting.

This Mothers California Gold Car Wash soap is made with balance pH and it gives specific power to soap to remove any type of dust from your black car.

Huge thick suds formed by this soap while mixing with water give a massive advantage and give the best shine without many efforts. This wash soap leaves no spot or residue on the black car body.

Mothers California Gold Car Wash for black cars

Key Features

  • Wash the car without removing wax
  • No hose needed
  • Can use in cold weather
  • Don’t dull the car paint during washing
  • Super-sudsy formula resists even small water spotting
  • Balanced pH for best result
  • Ulta sudsing action


  • Brand Name: Mothers
  • Item Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Model Number: 5602

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4. Chemical Guys CWS_402 Mr. Pink Car Wash Soap

Here is another Best car wash shampoo or soap of Chemical Guys company. As we have already told you that this company prepares the best car wash Shampoo for Black cars. This Sopa is Known as Mr. Pink car wash soap and shampoo.

Chemical Guys CWS_402 Mr. Pink Car Wash Soap

This soap is also available in various size but we would suggest you buy 1 gallon because it is sufficient enough for the whole year. You need not buy again and again in a year. Its advance foaming technology helps you to remove complete suds and give the best shine to your car.

It doesn’t leave any water spot or residue on the car’s body after wash. As it works on any color glossy like black and shiny paint surface, polished metal parts, wheels, rims, tires, undercarriages, and even textured plastic trim and rubber seals of your car.

People who love pink color can go for it and it will be definitely worthy for them. Before using it check the correct ratio of shampoo (given on bottle) with water to prepare the best solution.

Key Features

  • Balance pH for a gentle wash
  • Having extra silk to avoid scratches
  • Leave no residue with the best shine
  • Excellent wash in less water
  • It is a Superior Surface Cleanser
  • super-slick polymers help to remove complete dust
  • Have Ultimate Versatility
  • Safe For Wax and Sealant


  • Brand Name: Chemical Guys
  • Item Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Model Number: CWS_402

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5. Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo or Soap

Last but not least, it also the best car wash soap and Shampoo for black cars. From 2000, this company is providing the best products to its customers. Without wasting much water, you can easily give the best shine to your car (only 2 buckets).

Best car wash soap for black cars

It provides long-lasting suds that do not flat in the bucket and help you in cleaning your car. You can wash any part of your black car with this soap or shampoo solution.

Another great advantage of this soap is that it is a bio-degradable product and don’t harm your car and surrounding. If you love to wash your car regularly then you must go for it.

While washing your car, other accessories also play an important role along with wash soap or shampoo. This company provides the best accessories which make a great combination with soap and give outstanding shine to your car.

Key features

  • Eco-friendly and bio-degradable
  • Suitable for every surface
  • Balanced pH
  • Concentrated Formula Creates More Suds
  • Slick Formula that Reduces the Chances of Swirls
  • Can be used in Foam Gun and foam cannon


  • Brand Name: Adam’s Polishes
  • Item Weight: 9.13 pounds
  • Model Number: CWS

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Do you know why we are sharing frequently asked questions with you? These FAQs will help you to clear all the doubts that still in your mind. After that, you can easily buy car wash soap for your black car.

Is car soap compulsory to wash a car?

No, while washing a car, soap is not compulsory at all. But if you want your black car to keep looking like new and shining every time then you need a car shop while washing it.

Will these soaps strip wax from various parts?

No, All the wash soaps in our list don’t harm your cat at all. Wax coating on any part of the car will remain there until you remove it from your hands.

Is dilution of wash soap necessary before using it?

Yes, dilution is necessary for car wash soap. To know the correct ratio of dilution, you just read out all the instructions written on your soap bottle. Most soaps are used in the ratio of 6:1 and 10:1 but still go for instruction first before making dilution.

Does a cleaner leaves residue on the car body?

It depends on which one you have purchased and what are the components are there in it. A few cleaners leave residue and few don’t leave any residue. But the list that we have made for you is best and doesn’t leave any residue.

But remember one thing that every car wash soap that leaves residue is not bad, few high-quality soaps make a coating over car body in the form of residue that keeps shining for a long time.

Final Words- Conclusion

Washing your car with soaps that we have included here will keep your black car beautiful and shining. But still, you have to select the best car wash shop for black cars as per your requirement and budget.

clean black car after wash


One thing keeps in mind that selecting the best wash soap is not the solution to car dust. You have to follow all the steps in the correct way to bring the best shine on the car.

Don’t forget to dry off your car completely for the best result otherwise, it will be wastage of your valuable time and money. Share your thoughts about car wash soap that you have purchased.