HitchMate Tire Step with Best Bag: Review

Do you face problems or uncomfortable while loading cargo on the roof of your car? Then you should go for a Tire step because it can solve your problem. HitchMate Tire step is the most famous and affordable tire step which is available in the market.

With the help of this easy removable best Tire step, you can easily access the roof of your vehicle. It reduces human efforts up to a great extent.


This HitchMate tire step is the best accessory provided by the HitchMatch company for midrange to the large vehicles that provide quick gain to access the roof of the vehicle. It can easily bear weight up to 400 LBS which is good for heavyweight people.

HitchMate Tire Step


It is mainly designed for SUVs, RVs, and light trucks, this metal tire step is good for both front and rear tires. Because of its adjusting feature, it is easy to fit tires up to 12.5″ in width with a 22″ x 10″.

hitchmate tirestep

We can easily use this best tire step because it comes in fully ready condition, Just bring out tire step out of the bag and adjust length and height according to your requirement. You will be ready to step up on your new tire step to access the roof of the vehicle.

Features of HitchMate Tire Step are the following:

  • It can easily support weight up to 400 LBS.
  • HitchMate Tire Step can fir in any tire up to 12.5″ because of its adjustable property
  • It is provided with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to fold into a flat surface and provided with a strong bag
  • Available in Black powdered coating with good finishing
  • Having base Platform 22″ wide (base dimension:22″ x 10″) which is more than enough
  • Mainly it is designed for SUVs and light-duty trucks
  • Made up of durable Steel

When to Use HitchMate Tire Step

There are a few people who want to know where they can use this awesome tire step. As we all know that it is the best tire step available in the market and we can use it almost anytime. Most of the people use this tire step in their car.

  • While loading cargo on the roof of your car
  • At the time of washing the roof of your vehicle, you can also use it
  • You can also use tire step while changing wiper blades of your car
  • While washing your’s car windshield, you can also use it

If you are also having midrange, large vehicles and face lots of problems to access the roof of your vehicle. Then this HitchMate tire step is the best way to solve your all problems.