Top 5 best Plier sets Require while repairing

Most people think that during the repair of car we require big tools or complicated tools kit but it only their myth. A small and simple tool is enough to repair our car. Many times a smile plier can also be that tool that can easily repair our car. So let us have a look at some best plier sets which must be there in our car.

Plier must be there in our car repair tool kit otherwise it is incomplete without it. If you are a mechanic then you are very well aware of the importance of piler in a tool kit. Always go for some best plier sets so that you can easily do your repair work within no time.

Being a technician, we are very much aware of the hurdles we face while choosing the best sets of piler for us. Choosing the best plier sets is a little bit tough task if you are not aware of each piler’s characteristics.

We should always go to such piler sets which are having almost every type of pilers in it. The best piler sets can easily use in multitasking work.

best Plier sets

Who can use the best pliers sets

let us see where we can use pliers in our daily life. Anyone can buy the best plier sets for their work. Let us have a look at who can use pliers.

  • A mechanic who does car repair work
  • An electrician can also use plier sets
  • The craftsman can also use plier sets to do cutting work
  • A person who is working in a garage can also buy the best pilers set for their work

Top 5 Best plier sets for our tools kit

We have prepared a list of Top 5 best pliers set on the basis of their quality and characteristics. These plier sets are having some properties like good griped, durable and easy to handle. These pilers sets are suitable to fulfill the different types of works and are easy to use. So have a look at given below list of top 5 best piler sets and buy according to your budget and type of work.

KNIPEX Cobra Pliers Set, 3-Piece

This set of pliers is very important for everyone because all the 3 tools are adjustable. We can easily adjust them according to our work or task. KNIPEX Cobra Pliers Set is having 3 pieces of tools and all are adjustable.

We have given placed them at the top position in our list of top 4 best piler sets because of their quality and durability. All the three tools are available with the red color handle which helps us to easily identify in our toolbox or working bench.

Almost everyone who bought this plier set from Amazon has given a 5-star rating which shows that this is one of the best piler sets. Those people who want to repair their car, they can also buy this set of pliers because you can easily repair your car.

Let us have a look at some unique properties of this best pilers set which will definitely help you to choose one of the best piler sets. Our main motto is to provide you the best information about any tools which you are looking to buy.

  • All the pilers are provided with Guard which Prevents Fingers from Being Pinched
  • Red color handle helps you to easily stop your tools
  • This set is having Comfort Grip with Two-Color Dual Component Handles
  • Another important property i.e. Box-Joint Design is Highly Stable to use Because of a Double Guide
  • Quick Adjustment Directly on the Work Piece, Just Position the Upper Jaw to the Work Piece and just Push Button and Move Close the Lower Jaw as per requirement.
  • Three tools are provided with different Sizes i.e. 7-1/2″, 10″, 12″
  • this plier set is a best seller on Amazon with 4.9 out of 5 stars

Irwin Vise-Grip GrooveLock Best Pliers Set

Those people who want to work with less effort then you can go for Prwin pilers set and this set is having a total of 8 pieces. Irwin Vise-Grip GrooveLock Best Pliers Set is of medium budget and having few Groove-lock Pliers Set which comes with three GrooveLock pliers and you can easily operate them.

With the help of Pushbutton in Groovelock pliers, we can easily adjust them much faster than other types of pilers. This Irwin pliers set is having the highest 5-star rating on Amazon and very much famous. If your budget is good then you should go or this set of pliers.

Few Amazon customer has said that the tools are stiff even after oiling. So you should take care while using these Irwin pliers set.

Let us have a look at some important points of this pilers set. All these points will help you to buy the best piler sets for your toolbox and Garage.

  • This set of pliers includes the most commonly used pliers: (1) 8″, (1) 10″, and (1) 12″ GrooveLock pliers, (1) 10″ adjustable wrench, (1) 8″ long nose pliers, (1) 8″ linesman’s pliers, (1) 6″ diagonal cutting, (1) 6″ slip joint pliers, and kitbag. You can easily finish your job easily.
  • This set comes with a kit bag for storage and it is easy to carry.
  • It is having some good properties like Non-slip, anti-pinch ProTouch Grips provide extra comfort and easily reduce hand fatigue
  • IRWIN provides this piler set with Lifetime Guarantee

Stanley 4-Piece Pliers Set

If you are really looking for some cheap pliers set then Stanley should be your choice. As we all know that Stanley is one of the most popular tools making company. Today we have listed Stanley 84-058 pilers set in our list of Top 5 best piler sets in which you will get 4 pieces of different shape and size.

This pliers set is available with rubberized slip-resistant grips which makes them more popular and provides more durability. The reason to select this set in our 5 best piler sets is its customer reviews on Amazon. It is one of the best seller toolsets on Amazon and having huge positive customer reviews.

Those mechanics who want to add piler in their repair tools kit they can add Stanley piler set in their tools. Stanley offers a warranty for a limited time period with the purchase of this particular 4 piece pliers set.

Let us see some positive properties of this Stanley pliers set and which are very important before making any purchase.

  • This set of pliers Includes an 8-inch slip joint, 7-inch diagonal, 8-inch lineman, and 8-inch long nose which help us to perform various jobs.
  • Stanely offers Limited lifetime warranty with this set
  • All these pliers are provided with Machined jaws which help to grip items securely
  • All pliers are available with rubberized slip-resistant grips

Craftsman Evolv Pliers Set

Craftsman company is famous in the market because of the quality of its products. Once a mechanic bought craftsman’s product, he/she never think about other options.

We can use craftsman’s pliers in both car repair tool kit as well as in our house. Its pliers fit in condition and we can use them anywhere. We have placed Craftsman Evolv 5 Piece Pliers Set, 9-10047 into our list of top 5 best plier sets.

best craftsman pliers set



Hands of these pliers are very much comfortable and we can easily grip them for a long time. The color of handles is bright green and because of it, we can easily spot them in our toolbox. In this best pilers set we will get a total of 5 pieces. This set of pliers is only used for small purposes.

This best set of pilers took place in Amazon’s choice because it includes most of the important pilers which are mention below.

  • This craftsman Pilers set includes one 6″ diagonal pliers, 6″ long-nose pliers,  6″ slip joint pliers, 8″ groove joint pliers and, 7″ linesman pliers. So we can use this set of pliers for various purposes where specific plier is required.
  • It includes a lifetime warranty for craftsman work.
  • All the pilers are having green color handles which help us to easily spot on a workbench.
  • We can easily perform various tasks like cutting, bending, and gripping with these set of pliers.

GearWrench Mixed Pliers Set

Here are another best pliers set with a great look. If you are looking for some mixed plier set then it will be best for you. GearWrench 82108 mixed pliers set is available with a total of 7 pieces for various purposes.

We can use this set of pliers everywhere in electric work, car repair work and many more. You can buy this piler set at a good price with decent quality. this mixed best plier set includes all the various pliers with a different size and head.

This GearWrench plier set is also having good reviews on Amazon because of the given below properties.

  • These beautiful pliers set is designed with curved back handles for added enough leverage and less slippage. You will be comfortable while working.
  • All the pilers are having exclusive rounded inside edges for more comfort while doing any job.
  • This piler set is having 9.5″ tongue and groove pliers, 7″ diagonal cutting pliers, 8″ long nose pliers, 8″ long nose pliers, 8″ slip joints pliers, 12″ groove joint with the straight jaw, 8″ linesman pliers, and 8″ end nipper.
  • In this mixed pilers set you will also get a plastic try in which you can easily place your pliers after work. This try also protects pliers during transport.

What to see before choosing the best plier sets

Almost every plier set which we have selected in our list is good but still, you should select according to your requirement. You need a different type of plier for every different type of work. That’s why it is very necessary to identify the type and uses of pliers.

If you are a mechanic or technician then you know very well about every type of plier but those people who want to do their garage work or personal work, first they should have knowledge of type of pliers and their uses.

There are different types of pliers available in the market. Here we are discussing them so that everyone can get enough knowledge about types of plier. All these tips will help you to buy the best plier sets.

  • Channel Pliers:- groove-joint or angle nose pliers are also known as channel pliers. while working on pipes, this plier is a must and it helps us to d our job easily. Their jaw is slidable and adjustable. One part of the jaw is curved and the remaining part is simple and plain.
  • Cutting pliers:- If you are looking for cutting wires and bolts then cutting plier is good for us. These pliers are available with different shapes of the nose, they are available with a long nose or short nose. Even you can also use cutting pliers in all general uses at home. Most of the electricians kept cutting pliers with them.
  • Needle nose:- These pliers are helpful in sophisticated areas or less accessible areas. So if you do jewelry work craftwork then you should go for it.
  • Wire stripper:- Most of the electrician or technician should always carry wire stripper with them. It is used to strip off the place cover of any wire easily. Even they are available with adjustable according to our requirements.

Safety tips should be kept in mind

You should be aware of all the precautions and safety tips while performing any job. We are providing you some simple tips which you should follow while working. Always keep yourself safe and healthy.

  • Always use proper tools, do not use pliers in place of a wrench for turning nuts.
  • Your plier can easily remove polished of a screw or bolt, so always use rag between pliers jaw and working part.
  • Do not try to push pliers sideways, it can damage your plier’s joint
  • Always keep pliers away from your children, these are very dangerous tools for them.
  • Always hold pliers with proper grip to keep your hand safe


This is the end of the best piler sets recommendation for all our readers. Feel free to send us your comments/ questions/suggestions. Do not forget to inform us about your best plier set from the above list of recommended tools.

We will definitely help you and will give answers to your questions. Stay tuned with us and keep enjoy our recommendation of different best piler sets and car repair tools.