How To Charge Car Battery With Home Electricity

We get many sudden challenges in life regarding anything which forces us to think and use our brain. This time also you are here with us and want to know how to charge a car battery at home or with home electricity.

But the question arises that why you want to charge the battery at home? Is your car battery dead? You will get all the important points regarding this problem and we will help you to recharge your car battery.

A dead battery can easily create a hurdle early in the morning when you want to go to the office or somewhere else. You know very well without a healthy battery we could not start our car but there are a few methods through which we can start our car.

So today in this section we will discuss all the methods which we can use at our home to charge our car battery. You can any method as per your convenience or availability of equipment.

Various Methods To Charge Car Battery With Home Electricity

Today you will surprise to see that too many methods are there to charge our car battery at home. In these methods, you need not take help from any professional, Choose your method and follow our steps in that particular battery charging method.

  1. Charge car battery using a battery charger
  2. Using jumper cables
  3. Charge car battery with Home Inverter

So let us have a look at these methods and know each and every point which we should follow while charging car battery at home with home electricity.

#1 Charge car battery at home using a battery charger

If you have a car battery charger then it superb or you have a good budget then you can buy a new car battery charger from Amazon. With a good charger, we can easily charge almost every vehicle’s battery.

Now a day, modern battery chargers have advance technology so it is easy to charge a battery. But still, we will have you in charging your car battery at home.

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Step 1: Prepare yourself to charge a car battery

We should be first mentally prepared to perform this task and as we are working on electric equipment then proper safety should be there. Unexpected situations may occur at any time.

  • Wear hand gloves which are good for working on electricity.
  • Ensure that your surrounding is totally dry along with your dry hands or legs.
  • Properly read the manual of the battery charger.

Step 2: Remove the battery from the car

It is very easy to remove the battery from any vehicle like cars, trucks, etc. If you don’t know how to remove the battery from a car, just follow the given below steps.

  • Ā First, locate the position of battery in your car. Then just Pop up the hood of the car open.
  • Now with proper care and tools, remove the negative wire (black wire) from the battery terminal. Don’t touch your tool with the car body while disconnecting the wire.
  • After that remove the positive wire (red wire) from the battery.
  • Pick up the battery (with the help of someone) and place it on the dry insulated place.
  • Clean battery terminals with the help of wet cloth with baking soda. Ensure there should not be any damage to the battery.

Step 3: Setting Up charger with battery

Now it is time to charge our battery using a charger with home electricity.

  • Keep your battery charger disconnected from home electricity (power supply).
  • Now connect the negative wire (black wire) of the charger with the negative terminal of the battery.
  • Then connect positive wire (red wire) of the charger with the positive terminal of the battery.
  • Finally plug-in your charger with home electricity.
  • You have done all the connection and your battery is charging now.

Step 4: Monitor Charging

Your battery is charging and you can see charging current and voltage on the battery charger. If you are using an old charger then you have to keep on monitoring charging current and when it comes to zero then your battery is fully charged.

But if you are having a modern charger then it will automatically give an alarm to you whenever your battery will charge. A normal battery takes 8-10 hours to get fully charged. If your charger gives an indication of full charge within 3-6 hrs then your battery is needed to be replaced.

Once your battery is fully charged then switch off the charger and remove all the connection of the charger. Now your battery is ready to use in your car.

Now it is time to reconnect a car battery with your car.

#2 Charge Car Battery Using Jumper Cables

Here is another easy method to start a car when a battery is dead i.e jump start. If you are not having a battery charger at home or want to go outside urgently then you will easily adopt this method.

But to start a car via this method, we need another car having a 12-volt battery fully charged battery. Even we all need jumper cables to start our car.Charge Car Battery using jumper cables

Important Points to Keep in Mind during operation

  • Don’t touch both different color jumper cables when one ends is attached with a battery.
  • Make sure that the positive terminal of one battery is connected with the positive terminal of another battery.
  • Don’t give more than 2 cranks continuous if the car is not starting.

Follow the given below steps to start your car via jumper cables.

  • Park your car that is having a fully charged battery near to another vehicle that you want to start. So that there will be a minimum distance between them.
  • Keep your both vehicles in shut off ignition positon.
  • Now Attach one Red clip of jumper cable with the positive terminal of the fully charged battery. Attach another terminal of the same cable with the positive terminal of the dead battery.
  • After that attach the black clip of jumper cable with the negative terminal of the fully charged battery. Similarly, attach another terminal of cable with the negative terminal of the dead battery.
  • Give a crank to your car that is having a fully charged battery and keep it ON mode.
  • Now give a crank to your car that is having a dead battery. It will start but if it does not start then check all the battery connection and wait for a few minutes.
  • Your car will start definitely if everything is normal other than a dead battery.

#3 Charge Car Battery With Home Inverter

Don’t surprise, we can also charge our car battery using a home inverter. But we should not use this method frequently. With the help of this method, we can quickly charge a battery.

Step 1: Setting Up Good Connection

In this method also we have to follow the same steps as we follow in the battery charger method. But let us revise it again.

  • First, remove your inverter connection from the power supply (home electricity).
  • Now connect the positive port (Red) of the inverter with the positive terminal of the batter
  • Similarly, we will connect the negative port (black) of the inverter with the negative terminal of the battery.

You have done all the connection perfectly.

Step 2: Switch On Power Supply

Our inverter takes power from home electricity. So be very careful while using this method.

  • Before switching On power supply, make sure all connections are perfect.
  • Now switch on your inverter and soon your battery will start charging.
  • Connecting wire in the wrong manner may damage your battery as well as the inverter, so be careful.

As our Home inverters give more current during battery charge and our car battery requires less charging current. It means our home inverter will work as a boost charger.

In general, a home inverter takes 1.5 hrs to 3 hrs to fully charger our car battery. Keep on monitoring that your car battery should no overheat during charging.

Follow Safety Tips For Better Battery Health

Companies have made such a good system in vehicles like a car that if we start our car, it automatically charge a car battery with the help of alternator. We need not do anything with a car battery.

But Due to some internal wiring problem battery discharge automatically, then we have to charge car battery separately. If we follow a few safety tips in our car, we can prevent our battery from losing charge.

Let’s have a look at safety points:

  • First, go and check the battery connection, If you find loose then tighten them with the spanner.
  • Also, check that complete battery wiring is Ok and don’t have any damage or nacked wire. Ensure any Red wire (positive) coming from a negative battery terminal is not touch with the car body.
  • Do not put your car ideal for a long time.
  • If you don’t drive your car frequently then once a week start your car and let it be ON for at least 30 minutes to charge the battery. Do it every week positively.
  • Whenever you park your car at home or office, ensure that headlights or music system is totally OFF. Switch off all the devices which operate via car battery.

Find out Real Problem of Car Battery

Every problem should be permanently solved whether it is related to our car or something else. Otherwise, it can put us in lots of trouble.

Unless we know the exact reason for auto battery discharge, we will keep on facing such problems (if headlights are not in On position). If you are facing such a problem the first time then charge your battery and enjoy it if, sometimes car’s electric system also responsible for such a problem.

But if you are facing the same problem frequently then it is a serious matter. Just remove the battery and go to the auto-parts store. They will find out the exact problem. They will do the battery capacity test or will top-up electrolyte if needed.

Even, you can jump-start your car then do it and go to the repair shop. If still, the same problem is there then either there is a serious electric system failure or your battery needs to be replaced with a new one.

Start Your Car With These New Battery

If you have gone through all the methods of charging a car battery and don’t have any problem in the wiring system and still facing problems then your car battery is dead.

Now it is time to change the car battery. We are here showing you a few best-rated car batteries from Amazon. You can go for anyone as per your budget and choice, all batteries are awesome.

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This is all about methods and ways about how we can charge our car battery with home electricity. Now charge your battery and go for a long drive.

If you don’t want to face such problems in the future then kindly go through all the safety tips to avoid such problems. Keep yourself safe and keep on enjoying lots of important information with us.

After following our tips and methods you need not go to a mechanic for car battery problems. This is all about how to charge a car battery with home electricity.

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