How To Clean Headlights With WD40 – Simple Method

It is a very awkward movement to see the vehicle’s headlights cloudy, foggy and oxidized. Almost everyone who has a vehicle wants to know how to clean headlights.

Today, you are facing this problem. Don’t Worry! We will help you to clean headlights with WD40 and you will do it yourself.

Earlier, auto companies used glass to make a headlight that was easy to break but now they have replaced the glass with plastic fiber.

Here you will ask me what was the reason for cloudy or foggy headlights. Oxidation over headlights is the main cause of it and it doesn’t occur on glass headlights.

When plastic fiber headlights come in contact with air or moisture then oxidation occurs and it makes car’s headlights cloudy.

There is no use of cloudy, foggy car’s headlights because it will not help you to see in night driving. Even there are chances of meeting with an accident because of foggy headlights.

So I would like to suggest you that first wash your car properly and if still, headlights are not clean then you have to do the foggy or cloudy repair.


What is the Need to Restore Foggy Headlights

Foggy or cloudy headlights don’t put sufficient light on the road during night driving. So it is very important to have neat and clean headlights in your vehicles.

You should take care of headlights and they deserve great love from your side. Your life totally depends on headlights in the night.

In order to avoid accidents while driving in the night, it is very important to restore foggy or cloudy headlights. Today we will help you to solve your problem.

We all love our cars and no one wants to see his/her vehicle’s headlight dirty and it exerts the beauty of the vehicle. So you can also include it as an important point.


Different Ways To Clean Headlights At Home

It is very important to clean car’s headlights but for everyone, it is not possible to visit auto mechanics every time for such small issues.

Even a few people don’t want to waste their hard-earned money on such a small problem. But make sure your vehicle’s headlights must clean.

Today, We are sharing different ways through which you can easily clean car’s headlights at your home and these methods are tested by us.

  • Clean With Toothpaste
  • With WD40
  • With baking Soda
  • Clean with Car Wash Soaps
  • With Sandpaper
  • With Vinegar

Headlights are very important while driving at night so we must clean the car’s headlights. Today you are here to know how to clean headlights with WD40.

How To Clean Headlights With WD40

Many people think that WD40 is only used to clean metal parts. But we can also use it in various places like cleaning of vehicle’s headlights.

I think everyone has Wd40 in their car’s toolbox. While cleaning foggy headlights, you need not buy anything from the market because everything is available at home.

Collect a few items like a clean towel, hard tissue, and wd40 bottle to finish this job at home. After that simply follow given below steps.

Step 01:

There will be lots of bid particle dust on headlights and some dead bugs. So first, clean the car’s headlights with a normal towel to remove big particle dust.


Step 02:

Now, Take out a neat and clean towel (microfiber) and spray a sufficient amount of wd40 over it and also spray over the headlight.


Ā Step 03:

Immediately after spraying wd40, scrub the microfiber towel over the vehicle’s headlights by holding it in your hand and don’t apply heavy force on the headlight.

Step 04:

Clean each and every part of the headlights. After that, you can also use another dry towel to give the best shine to your car’s headlights. And here you have done your job.

How To Clean Headlights With WD40

Are you surprised to see headlights? Yes, you have done magic with headlights and make them similar to brand new.

The same thing happened with me, I was really shocked to see shining headlights. I am really appreciating that you have done a good job and gave 100% to your car.

Frequently Asked Question from Car Owners

Q1. How do you remove oxidation from headlights?
With the help of WD40 spray, you can easily get rid of all the oxidants present on the headlight.

Q2. What is the best headlight restorer?
If you will ask me, I will recommend using WD40 spray. I have been using it from the very first day and it never disappointed me.

Q3. How do you clean plastic headlight lenses?
In order to clean plastic headlight lenses, you need to find a cleaner that can work with both glass lenses and plastic lenses. Make sure the solution is mild enough so that it doesn’t leave a scratch on the lenses.

Q4. What household items can I use to clean my headlights?
You can use detergent but it needs to be mild otherwise it can leave stains on the headlights.

Final Words – Conclusion

I think now you are happy to see a simple solution of foggy, cloudy headlights. Today onwards, you will not search “how to clean headlights with wd40”.

If you want to know in-depth knowledge of various methods to clean headlights then feel free to contact us or comment below. We will definitely help you to clean car’s headlights.

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