How To Clean Spark Plugs With WD40 – Secret Revealed

Dirty spark plugs create lots of problems in our car or any vehicle. And to avoid spark plug related problems, it is important to know how to clean spark plugs with wd40.

But it is not possible to visit professional mechanics for cleaning spark plugs. Am I right?

Suppose while going for a long drive, if car’s spark plugs start creating problems then we can’t visit shops. At that time you have to clean spark plugs by yourself.

Today onwards, you will not be frustrated easily in the morning while starting your car. Here we will help you to know how to clean spark plugs with wd40 at home.

Wd40 is almost available in every vehicle’s toolbox. And it is a simple and effective way to clean a spark plug.

Anyone can do this on their own.

Why it is Important to clean spark plugs

Do you know the main role of the spark plug in any vehicle? If yes, then you know how important it is to clean spark plugs.

Those people who don’t want to frustrate themself early in the morning while starting their vehicle, start cleaning spark plugs timely.

Even if you want a smooth driving or happy life with your car then it is very important to clean spark plugs. With the help of a spark plug, your car’s engine cranks and provide power to wheels.

After cleaning if still, you are facing the same problem then you have to replace the faulty spark plug with a new one.

Safety Points While Cleaning Spark Plugs

Whenever you do any work, don’t forget to take safety precautions. Similarly while working on any vehicle like a car, always keep safety in your mind first.

A casual behavior or carelessness will not only harm you but also damage your vehicle. Ultimately it will be a heavy loss of money and life. Here we are sharing a few safety points while cleaning spark plugs.

  • Clean all the dirt and junk from the engine area if you are planning to open the spark plug. otherwise, dust will fall into cylinders after removing the spark plug.
  • Disconnect the Negative terminal of the battery to avoid unwanted spark or incident.
  • Always disconnect spark plug wires one by one to and mark them to avoid confusion.
  • Use proper spark plug socket to open spark plug properly.
  • Put on the best gloves in your hands and use a torch if not visible properly.

How To clean Spark Plugs With W40

After going through safety points now I think you are aware of everything and can easily clean spark plugs. It is the easiest task and you will definitely enjoy it.

Just follow given below steps and learn how to clean spark plugs with wd 40 at home. After doing this task your vehicle or car will perform much better.

  • First, make sure that your vehicle’s engine is cool completely and suitable to work on it.
  • Then immediately go and remove the negative terminal of battery for safety purposes.
  • Find out the exact location of spark plugs.
  • Disconnect the spark plugs wire one by one.
  • If you want to open spark plugs completely then use the spark plug socket and bring it out. Otherwise, just spray WD40 over the spark plugs or spark wd40 on a clean cloth.
  • Now simply rub the spark plug properly and clean it and give better shining to spark plug.
  • Along with this also clean all spark plug wires.

Here you have done your clean work and now it is time to attachĀ spark plugs and its wires at their correct position.

  • If you have opened spark plugs then screw them properly with the help of spark plug socket.
  • After that connect all spark plug wires in the correct sequence and make sure that all the tighten enough.
  • Finally, reconnect car battery and start your vehicle. You will see a big difference.


Various Other Uses Of WD40 For Vehicles (Like Cars)

You can not count the use of wd40 because it is a product that can be used in various parts of a vehicle or car. Here we are sharing a few important uses of wd40 that we are doing in our cars.

various uses of wd40

  • Use wd40 in cleaning door lock of vehicle, so that you don’t face any problem while opening doors.
  • Even you can also clean the ignition switch by using it for smooth movement of the key.
  • You can also clean foggy or cloudy headlights with wd40.
  • Clean brake drums and remove them easily.
  • It helps to remove grime, grease, and dirt from various parts of a car.
  • You can easily remove oil spots from the driveway.
  • Clean all the electronic parts of the vehicle.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have explained about cleaning of spark plugs with wd40 and hope you can easily do it. But still, you have any doubt then our collection of FAQs will help you.

These questions are asked by our users and here we have shared with you.

When to check spark plugs?

If you have normal use of the vehicle or car then quarterly check spark plugs and clean them properly with wd 40 or with any other suitable method.

People who frequently use their vehicle, they should check spark plugs after 15 days. If require then clean them properly.

Can we reuse fouled spark plugs?

Yes, why not. Properly clean fouled spark plugs with wd40 and reuse it. In most cases, if the spark plug is too dirty and worn then replacement of it is the only way for you.

How can you tell if a spark plug is bad?

There are lots of occasions through which you can identify that spark plugs are good or not. Like if your vehicle’s engine is running rough, taking time to crank, taking more time to accelerate, and bad smell from your car’s exhaust.

If you notice any symptoms then immediately check spark plugs and clean if required or replace with new.


Final Words – Conclusion

Have you enjoyed this technic of cleaning spark plugs with WD40? Now you will see a drastic change while starting your vehicle.

Even you can also Clean Headlights With WD40 and give better shining to car’s headlights along with spark plugs. If you want to add some new points then feel free to contact us and do comment below.

If you are not having WD40 in your vehicle’s toolbox then go and buy. This wd40 will help you in many cases and you can easily clean sparks plugs with wd40 at home.

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