How To Dry Car Carpet Perfectly – Know Simple Methods

Wet car carpet is really a disappointing and painful situation to witness, Isn’t it? But the issue that you are facing is quite common and thousands of car owners face it on a daily basis.

Practically, it’s not at all possible to visit a Car Service Centre to dry our car carpet frequently. So it is always preferred to learn how to dry car carpet easily in a simple and effective way.

Guess What?

Recently, My friend Sandy is also facing the same issue. He loves so much to his car and you will not believe he clean his car every day. But the wet car carpet frustrates and disappoints him the moment he enters his car.

Then Sandy and I did some research and started looking everywhere for the solution to his problem. We did dozens of experiments on the car carpet. Finally,  after struggling a lot we found an effective and simple way to dry car carpet.

You can also use this extremely simple method at your home and trust me it doesn’t require any power equipment or special professional device. You can check the list of items that are required in the complete process.

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Items Required To Dry Car Carpet

Here is a list of all the items that you will need to get a dry car carpet. Quickly collect all these items.

  • Parking Shed or Closed Garage to park your car
  • Towels, washcloths, or shop towels
  • A wet/dry Vaccum
  • One or more Fans
  • Car Shampoo
  • Baking Shoda (not necessary but recommended)

dry car carpet

Simple Steps To Dry Car Carpet Effectively

Since you have all the items ready with you, now follow all the below-mentioned steps to dry your car’s carpet. If you thoroughly follow the steps then I can ensure that you will never hit the query “How to dry car carpet” on google again.


Step 1: Park Your Vehicle in Covered Area or under the Sun

This is something you should do while fixing something in the car or even while doing a regular checkup. Always park your car under a shed or in your garage. In this situation where you are trying to dry your car’s carpet, make sure your car is not in contact with running water or rain.

Open all the windows and doors of your car so that fresh air circulation help in drying a car carpet quickly. A good amount of moisture will come out of the carpet due to open windows.

If it is raining then it might affect your efficiency but if it is a bright sunny day then you can park your car under the sun. Nothing can be more effective than the sun in order to remove moisture.

Besides this, if it is raining outside then you have to use AC, turn it on, and close all the windows for a while.

Important Point: Always park your car in a safe place so that you can open windows and doors without any fear. Be aware of thieves.

Step 2: Remove Moisture and Water

Now it is time to soak up water from the car and its carpet. Carefully remove all the mats form your car and hang them under the sun or airflow.

Take a dry towel or washcloth and thoroughly clean the carpet. Make sure you are using a towel made of up water-absorbent material. Try to soak as much water as you can using the towel.

Now, you have to use the vacuum to remove all the moisture after giving a proper towel rub on the carpet. I don’t think I have to explain how to vacuum your car. Just switch it one and wipe the carpet.

Once you feel like vacuuming is done then quickly grab the fans and face them towards the carpet of the car. It is recommended to let the fans on for 90 minutes to 150 minutes based on moisture content. After that, have a look if the carpet is still wet then I would say, let the fans running for overnight.

Now, sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet and let it sit for at least an hour.

Step 3: Remove odor from car carpet

By this time, your car carpet will be dry but then occurs the odor problem. Every object when gets dry has a disturbing odor. We will get rid of it easily. Don’t worry!

You had sprinkled baking soda in the car in the earlier step, it will help your deodorized your car. Use a Vaccum cleaner again and remove the baking soda from the carpet. You will see a significant difference. Almost 90% of odor will vanish, you just leave the car open for a few hours.

If you want a quick solution then I would say use a small amount of shampoo with Vaccum and clean the carpet.

Step 4: Ensure that Carpet is completely Dry

Till now, we have removed all the moisture from the dump area and removed bad odors from the carpet. Now we have to make sure that the carpet is dried completely and if you can then use fans or hair dryers again.

Fans will work faster than hairdryers and you need to fix it quickly yeah? Place the fans in the car in such a way that their airflow directly reaches to car carpet and removes all the minor amounts of moisture present in the car.

Also, keep your car’s window or doors open for perfect air circulation. Even you can also place the dehumidifier in the car to speed up the drying process. If you want to use the hairdryer in place of fans then you can go ahead but let me tell you it is a very slow process. This process will consume a lot of time.

Finally, your car’s carpet is dried and now you can again enjoy driving in your car.

Final Words – Conclusion

This was the whole process to dry car carpet and it’ll take at least a day or so the remove all the moisture from the car carpet. So, I would please be patient and don’t skip any of the steps. In the end, you will see that your car is smelling great and look much cleaner than before.

Apart from all this, you will feel great entering a clean and dry car, plus you have done it yourself so that will give you some more confidence and satisfaction.

You can also recommend to your friends those who don’t know how to dry car carpet.

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