How To Reconnect A Car Battery

In today’s high tech world, it is very common to have a car or automobile. But it is very bad or horrible if you do not know how to reconnect a car battery.

If you know how to connect a car battery then it is good. There a few people who do not know how to connect the battery in their car or other vehicles. But today we will help with this problem.

People who do not know how to reconnect a battery are mainly facing two surprises while connecting battery i.e. sparks and explosions.

Both the surprises are dangerous for us and the car. An explosion in the car’s battery can easily damage your car’s engine or can easily put your car in a fire.

We are here to help you and today we will provide you a complete guide on how to reconnect a car battery. Stay tuned with us and Keep learning and power your knowledge.

Safety Measures while Reconnecting Car Battery

Safety is the foremost thing that we should consider in every work. Without safety measures and precautions we not only compromise with equipment serviceability but also compromising our life.

While working on Battery we should be much more serious and our concentration on work should be at the top level. Here we are sharing some safety measures which you should consider while reconnecting car battery.

  • Use work gloves and safety glasses while working on battery.
  • We all know that batteries are very heavy so while replacing battery take help of someone otherwise it can be a reason for heavy back pain.
  • Do not touch battery terminals with the car body, it can be a good reason for heavy spark and explosion.
  • Even do not touch both terminals of the battery with a tool or metal piece.
  • Ensure there should not be any loose connection with battery terminals.
  • Do not over tight any cable or nut-bolt.

Tips to Follow Before Reconnecting A Car Battery

Before reconnecting battery to the car we should focus on a few important points which show you are a professional car carer. Even these important points can also save your money or time also.

  • First, make sure that your car battery is fully charged and ready to give power to your car.
  • Make sure both the terminals of the battery are clean and dry. If you do not know how to clean battery terminals then we will help you.
  • Clean the complete battery body and remove dust and moisture.
  • Do not forget to apply petroleum jelly on terminals because it will prevent terminals from corrosion and increase life.
  • Ensure that battery cables in the car are OK and has no physical damage.
  • Have a look at the battery’s tray and ensure cleaning and insulating mate should be available in it.

How To Reconnect A Car Battery

Now you have seen all the points which we should ensure before reconnecting the battery. Let us reconnect car battery and get a perfect answer of how to Reconnect a car battery smoothly and safely.

  1. First, ensure that ket is out of ignition and ignition is in off position. Wear hand gloves for safety in case of sparks.
  2. Now identify the positive and negative terminal of the battery. Mostly positive terminals will have a minus sign (-) and will be black, while the negative terminal will have a positive sign(+) and will be red.
  3. Ensure that the battery terminals are dry and clean and do not have any corrosion. If you found corrosion on terminals then clean it with baking soda using a brush.
  4. After ensuring cleaning, apply petroleum jelly on both terminals. It will provide good lubrication and will save terminals from corrosion in the future.
  5. Now, Attach a red cable of the car with positive terminals of the battery. tight nut and bolt with the help of any tool as per your convenience. Do not over tight nut and bolt because it can break terminal lead.
  6. Similarly, attach black cable with negative terminals of the battery. Again be very careful that do not over tighten it.
  7. Ensure that you have connected battery in the right way and its terminals are not loose.
  8. Now start your car and enjoy it. If it is not cranking then double-check your work and find out your mistake.
  9. But if you follow our steps in an orderly manner then you will not face any problem.

This is all about how to reconnect a car battery and we hope that we have helped you in this matter. Do you know how to disconnect a car battery?

How to disconnect a car battery and reconnect again

There are several occasions when we have to disconnect our car battery and again we have to reconnect it. So it will be good for you to know about how to reconnect a battery and how to disconnect a car battery.

Step by step lets us see how to disconnect a battery and after that, you can do whatever you want to do. Just follow the steps by keeping safety in mind.

  1. Again first we should make sure that ignition is in off and bring out key then wear safety gloves and find out where is your car’s battery.
  2. With the help of proper tools loosen negative terminals cable and pull up the cable. Make sure that your tool does not touch the car body while opening negative cable otherwise it will produce a heavy spark.
  3. Similarly, remove the positive terminal’s cable using the tool.
  4. Now check battery cables or terminals, if you found any corrosion on it then clean it with a brush using baking soda.
  5. Here If you want to replace the battery
    • Open all the clamps or things that are holding the battery in place and bring it out of the tray.
    • Now place a new fully charged battery in place of the old battery and tight all clamps or things that hold battery tightly.
  6. If you want to charge the battery via a battery charger
    • Do the same as what we have told in the above point. Open all the clams or things that hold the battery.
    • Bring it out of the car and connect it with a battery charger.
    • Put it on charge till it gets fully charged.
    • Ensure the battery is fully charged and clean.
    • Place the battery at its place and tight all the clamps and restraints.
  7. If you are just checking the battery then
    • Ensure battery terminals are clean and the battery has sufficient electrolyte.
    • Check the battery voltage with the help of a multimeter. Suppose your battery is of 12 volts, if in multimeter it is showing 12 volts then it is a healthy battery, and it is more than 10 volts or bellow 12 volts then it is ok and you need not charge it but if your battery voltage is bellow 10 volts then the battery is discharged and immediately you need to recharge it or you can replace it with a fully charged battery. check car battery voltage
    • If the battery is ok. Then apply petroleum jelly on terminals and ensure proper cleaning of battery.
  8. Now connect Red cable with the positive terminal of the battery and tighten it properly. After that connect black cable with negative terminals and tighten it properly.
  9. Make sure that everything is ok and both terminals are tightened enough and the battery is also tight on the tray. tight car battery terminals
  10. Now start your car and test that everything is working smoothly.

Final Words

If you want to enjoy a good trip in your car then do the regular maintenance of your car battery and keep it healthy as you. A healthy battery can give more happiness and enjoyment.

We hope that you have learned how to reconnect a car battery or how to disconnect it again smoothly after doing all the checks. If you take care of your car battery then it will also take care of you.

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