How To Remove Car Wax From Black Trim- Best Guide

Do you really love your car? I think your answer will be yes. Whenever I am free, I love to spend my time taking care of my car. If by mistake you have applied some wax on black plastic trim then do not worry. Today we will give you the best answer to your question i.e. how to remove car wax from black trim.

There are lots of activities I like to do with my car like cleaning battery terminals on a weekly basis. Even regular waxing is also important for various parts of the car. But sometimes we made mistake and apply a little bit of wax on black trim.

Various Methods To Remove Car Wax From Black Trim

There are various methods by which you can easily remove car wax and can give a beautiful shining. In some methods, you have to take help from items available in your home and in a few methods you have to buy a particular product to remove wax.

It totally depends on you which method you prefer and how much wax you want to remove. We should also clean battery terminals regularly to avoid corrosion on them.

1. Removing Wax with IPA

If you have recently applied wax (a few hours back ) on your car and it is still wet then only you can use this method. Wax is having lots of other chemicals that once dry become too hard and unable to remove with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA). It damages the hardening property of wax and makes it easy to remove from black trim.

2. Pencil Eraser

Yes, If your wax spot is small then you can also use a simple pencil eraser. It works excellently in small spots but doesn’t try it on large spots. With the help of a small erase, you can easily reach out at any place and finish your work. This method costs you nothing and can solve your problem.

remove car wax using pencil eraser

3. Peanut Butter Method

In this method, you have to buy some products like peanut butter, toothbrush, Trim protectant, and a wet towel. But believe me, after using this method you will never ask this question i.e. how to remove car wax from black trim. It is one of the most effective and best methods to remove the wax without many efforts.

Steps to remove the wax using Peanut Butter:-

  • Apply a small amount of peanut butter smoothly over discolored trim.
  • Now with the help of a toothbrush, scrub peanut butter over the surface with proper care.
  • After scrubbing, wipe out the complete surface with the help of a wet towel.
  • You can repeat these steps again if you find out any wax is still here.
  • Once you ensure that trim is clean. Now apply trim protectant over the surface and it will help you to bring back the best shine on the surface.

4. Magic Eraser Method

Here is another cheap and outstanding method to remove car wax. A magic eraser not only removes wax from black plastic trim but also helps to remove paint from a car bumper. At a low budget, it is a great option for you. It removes car wax quickly within no time and can be the fastest method for you. But one thing keeps in mind that it is better not to use on the painted surface.

Final Words- Conclusion

Don’t worry about car wax on black trim. It doesn’t damage your car parts and by using any of the above methods you can easily remove car wax from black trim. Even you can also try alcohol on a small spot of wax with the help of a neat and clean cloth.

Try to avoid car wax on black plastic trim because it will consume your time nothing else. Whenever you do waxing on your car, just keep any one of the above cleaning material and immediately remove wax from black trim. Even you can also prefer panter’s tape on black trim while waxing to avoid such situations.

If you would like to add some more products or methods in this list then let us know in the comment section. It is our responsibility to help people. We want to give a perfect answer to the question i.e how to remove car wax from black trim.

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