How To Remove Spark Plugs That Are Stuck – Here Is Simplest Way

Anything that stuck in between creates lots of problems and become a frustrating work. But today we are only talking about stuck spark plug.

Today you are here to know how to remove spark plugs that are stuck and at the end, you will be able to save your $200 to $500 hard-earned money.

Am I right?

But Remember one thing, removing a stuck spark plug is a time consuming and frustrating task. Go steady and slow to remove stuck spark plug.

Do not worry! With our simple technic, you will be able to perform it easily. After removing do not forget to clean spark plugs with WD40.

So let’s begin and quickly learn to remove the spark plug.


Items or Tools Require to Remove Stucked Spark Plug

Do not put your hands directly into the vehicle’s engine. It is very important to know what items or tools we must require to finish this work peacefully.

These tools will help you to Remove Seized Spark Plugs.

  • Best Penetrating oil (recommending WD40)
  • Clean Towel
  • Spark plug socket
  • Hand gloves

Remove Spark Plugs

Safety Precautions

It is our responsibility to tell you what precautions you should take while removing the spark plug. Be very careful while working in the engine area.

  • Use the best quality hand gloves and wear eye protection.
  • Don’t get panic while working.
  • Make sure the engine is cool before working.
  • Disconnect battery connection for personal safety.
  • Make sure the ignition switch is turned off.


How to Remove Spark Plugs That are Stuck? Understand in simple steps

While doing routine maintenance of the vehicle sometime a moment comes when spark plugs stuck. It is a sensitive part of the vehicle’s engine and a small mistake can break the spark plug.

So it is very important to remove stuck spark plug very carefully and follow given below steps. Move ahead in the correct sequence with patience.


Step 1: Get set Ready

First of all, prepare yourself and disconnect the battery connection and ensure that the ignition switch turned off. After that find out the exact location of spark plugs and make an arrangement to access them easily. Clean the surrounding area so that dust doesn’t fall into spark plug threads and cylinder head.


Step 2: Use Penetrating oil

Now, Open the cover of spark plugs and remove spark plugs wires in the correct sequence. After that spray a sufficient amount of penetrating oil over the spark plugs.

Penetrating oil will reach every thread of spark plug and will remove dust and rust from there. It will help the spark plug to loosen its grip with the cylinder head.


Ā Step 3: Leave it for some time

Wait for at least half an hour or give more time if you no requirement of a car. The more time you will give to penetrating oil, the more it will help you.


Step 4: Let’s open it

After giving sufficient time. It is time to remove a stuck spark plug. Take the help of a spark plug socket and wrench to open. Just give a small tap to spark plug.

Now, tighten the spark plug a little bit before removing it. Yes, first move wrench in the clockwise direction and then turn in the anticlockwise direction to remove it.

Initial tightening will help spark plugs to break all the buildup around its threads.

Remove Spark Plugs That Are Stuck

Step 5: Put penetrating oil once again

Is it Still difficult to open? If yes, add some more penetrating oil on the spark plug. Start the car’s engine for a while to warm it a little bit.

Engine’s heat will help spark plug to loosen and penetrating oil will reach every point.


Step 6: Try Again

Now, I am sure you will open it easily. But still, you facing problems then leave it for a couple of hours and then open it. Don’t apply too much force on it, otherwise, you will break spark plug and that situation will be worse for you.

Once a spark plug breaks in-between, it will become a headache and you have to spend lots of money on it. So be very careful.


Step 7: Replace or install it

After removing the stuck spark plug. Just clean it with wd40 and remove dust and rust. Even you can also replace it with a new one.

Before placing spark plug at their correct place, use heat resistant lubricant over its threads to avoid such a situation in the future.


Step 8: Bind Up

Once you connect all spark plugs in the engine then connect spark plug wires in the correct sequence. Put the cover over spark plugs.

Reconnect car battery and start your vehicle. You will not face any problem in starting your vehicle.


Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that now you have understood how to remove stuck spark plug. But still, you have any doubt in mind then our collection of FAQs will help you.

These FAQs are asked by our users and here we are sharing with you so that you can understand everything properly.


Can I use anything else in place of WD40?

Yes, You can use any Penetrating oil than can remove rust and dust from every part of the spark plug. We have recommended wd40 because mostly it will be available in your toolbox.


Which spark plug should I give priority first?

Anyone, Go ahead as per your choice. But remember one thing that always opens spark plug wires in the correct and right order.


Should I disconnect the battery before removing the spark plugs?

If you are a professional mechanic then you can easily handle such work. But It will be a good idea to remove battery connection for personal safety. Also, make sure the ignition is turned off.


Final Words – Conclusion

Now you have learned about how to remove spark plugs that are stuck. I know that it seems very easy to learn theoretically but will not be an easy talk while working practically.

It requires lots of effort and patience while working. Even it is a time-consuming task. So it is better to start it in the early morning.

You can also Clean Headlights With WD40.

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