Foldable Topside creeper: Best guide to buy

Everyone wants to repair their car or vehicle in a comfortable position either individual or professional mechanic. Tools and advance gadgets can easily reduce our efforts up to a great extent and save lots of time and money. Similarly, foldable topside creeper plays an important role in the garage.

Those people who are frequently working in the engine compartment of a car or vehicle, they know the real pain. But A topside creeper can easily solve their problems. But first, you should know what is a topside creeper.

A topside creeper is the best combination of a stepladder and a regular creeper. It helps us to access the engine compartment while keeping you away from the car’s body.

best foldable topside creeper

Which is the best foldable top side creeper in the market?

In order to get an effective and best top side creeper, there are lots of things which we consider while making a choice which we have discussed at the end of this post. Given below are the top model which are available in the market.

If you are new in this field then it good for you to start from here and get huge details about topside creepers. Here we have provided foldable topside creeper reviews. You should also go for the best mechanic creeper if you re a professional mechanic.

Top 5 Best foldable topside creepers

After a few years later while relaxing in your house without any back pain or other problems. You will be happy to see that your decision to buy a foldable topside creeper was right. It will be the best investment in your life.

These best foldable topside creepers help you to increase your productivity and speed while working. There are many topside creepers in the market but we have made a list of top 5 foldable topside creeper after doing deep research on them.

1. Traxion 3-700 ProGear Topside Creeper

Traxion company is known for its high-quality topside creepers. Here we have placed Traxion 3-700 ProGear Topside Creeper at the top position in the list of top 5 best topside creepers.

It is popular in the market because of its I-base design which makes it more flexible and comfortable when you position yourself by the vehicle. It helps a technician to access many more areas in the engine compartment as compared to normal conditions.

A technician can easily increase his/her productivity and safety with the help of this topside creeper because of the working from the top side of the engine compartment.

The only difference between 3-700 and 3-100 of Traxion creeper is the base design. Traxion 3-700 helps us to go either side of the tires and whereas the Traxion 3-100 creeper only allows, you can straddle the tire.

Those people who are looking for some simple topside creeper then Traxion 3-700 profGear is best for you because it assembles in 12 minutes only. Another important property of this foldable top side creeper is its smooth maneuverability.

We can easily very height of this ProGear creeper from 53 inches to 75 inches which helps us to provide up to 140 inches engine compartment accessibility. It is having a great weight capacity of up to 400 LBS which great stability and comfort.

5 inches synthetic rubber casters offer smooth movement and proper navigation over the uneven flor of garage, miscellaneous small parts, and pieces.

Its spacing saving property is very much popular among mechanics because we can easily fold it and can store it into a compact space.

Ultimately, this best topside creeper works like a magical tool and improve your overall performance when you are using this specific unit.

Features of Traxion 3-700 ProGear includes:

  • product dimensions is 52 x 8.2 x 22.2 inches
  • The overall weight of ProGear creeper is 75 pounds
  • Load capacity is 400 LBS
  • Easy to assemble in 12 minutes only
  • Easy to fold for compact storage
  • Adjust in overall heights from 53 inches to 75 inches
  • Having excellent durability and flexibility
  • Having 4 casters which provide easy movement from point to point
  • The upholstered cover is slidable which provide great comfort and easy to replace
  • Having I-base design for great flexibility around the vehicle
  • Provided with the locking system in 2 casters for safety

2. RedLine Engineering Overhead Creeper

We have placed this topside creeper at the second number because Redline Engineering creeper is adjustable at various height and angle.

It is having 3 different angle positions which help us to position exactly how we want, it makes us work in the engine compartment more comfortable.

This best topside creeper which is provided by RedLine is adjustable in height from 53.5 inches to 68 inches (maximum) which is good for everyone.

This Redline Overhead topside creeper is the only one creeper that we have found, is having tool tray in it. This is the most important advantage in it because we can easily place tools near us.

It is provided with 4 casters (3 inches each) which provides easy and comfortable maneuvering. We can easily fold flat for easy storage and save lots of space in the garage.

The thick padding of this Overhead topside creeper helps us to be comfortable while working for long hours and we do not tired while working.

Features of RedLine Topside Creeper includes:

  • Provided with a 1-year warranty(90 days on casters)
  • Total weight of the creeper is 97 pounds
  • Having 4 casters of 3 inches each
  • Provided with built-in tool tray
  • It can be positioned to 3 different angles
  • Having thick foam padding for great comfort
  • Total weight capacity is 350 LBS
  • Made up of Heavy-duty steel frame
  • It can achieve a maximum height of 63 inches
  • Foldable and can be placed in the compact position

3. Traxion 3-100 Foldable Topside Creeper

We all know that Traxion is lead the topside creeper market because of their quality products at the price. This company manufactured a wide variety of creepers to fulfill your requirements.

This Traxion 3-100 topside creeper got the place in our list of best foldable topside creepers because of adjustable design and quality. After buying this top side creeper you will get peace of mind.

We can easily very its height from 52 inches to 72 inches increments of 6 inches which helps us in easy access to the engine compartment. This is a little bit smaller topside creeper as compare to Traxion 3-700 ProGeat creeper but is not a big issue.

It is a heavy-duty design topside creeper which that can easily hold great weight at a fixed position in the greasy environment of the garage. It is the best unit for those who work under the hood of their pickups or other medium vehicles.

Once you buy this best creeper then you should not think about anything for a long time. Even it is having a good rating on Amazon and lots of positive reviews about it.

Because of its extremely wide base, it also provides side to side stability also which is another positive point. If you having a good budget then you should think about this wonderful topside creeper.

Features of Traxion 3-100 topside creeper includes:

  • Having Vinyl-covered Padding deck for great comfort
  • Easy to fold to save space
  • Having 4 casters (3 inches diameter wheels) which allow easy movement
  • Provided with the locking system in 2 casters to hold a position
  • Total weight of the unit is 72 pounds
  • Product dimensions is 51.5 x 24 x 6.6 inches
  • Easy to Adjust in heights from 52 inches to 72 inches in increments of 6 inches
  • Help us to access 140 inches of the engine compartment
  • cab bear Weight up to 400 LBS
  • Made up of heavy-gauge steel
  • Can be adjusted to various heights

4. ATD Tools 8116F Foldable Topside Creeper

This ATD 8116F topside creeper is very much similar to Traxion creeper in design. ATD is one of the best leading companies in the USA and very much famous for its quality products. It is the best alternative to Traxion 3-100 topside creeper.

8116F topside creeper is made up of heavy-gauge steel which provides great strength and also having powder coated finish to protect the unit from scratches and other external damages.

We can easily adjust the height of this best topside creeper from 44 inches to 64 inches which is enough for non-professional mechanics. This ATD 8116F foldable topside creeper is a good allrounder creeper for those who do not use creeper for a long duration.

Its Deck is nicely padded and covered completely with heavy-duty vinyl to provide great comfort and durability. It is easy to use.

This topside creeper is a little bit expensive as compare to others but still its best option for small garage and workshops. It is having excellent weight holding capacity which is another positive point.

Features of ATD Foldable Topside Creeper includes:

  • Product dimensions is 49.5 x 23.9 x 6.2 inches
  • Item weight is 69.8 pounds
  • It Folds for easy storage
  • The deck is padded and covered with heavy vinyl for great comfort and durability
  • Made up of heavy-gauge steel and having powder coating with good finishing to protect from scratching
  • Easy to adjust at the desired height
  • Can bear weight up to 400 LBS
  • Casters are provided with locking system
  • Maximum height can 64 inches
  • East to install and assemble

5. Whiteside Manufacturing Professional Over The Engine Creeper (OTE)

Here is another best topside creeper i.e. Whiteside creeper. If you are looking for a small topside creeper then it is the best choice for you. It is as good as a stepladder and can very height from 43.25 inches to 57.75 inches.

While comparing it to a stepladder, it is having additional padding which makes it more comfortable while using. None of the topside creepers is provided with additional padding but it having that. It is best for those who want smaller topside creeper.

This is made up of a heavy-duty steel frame which provides great strength to it. We can easily assemble it initially. It can easily bear total weight up to 300 LBS which is sufficient for many people.

Upper padding provides us great comfort while working in the engine compartment but addition padding protects your cars from scratches. It is a lightweight topside creeper that can be easily folded and can be placed into a compact place.

We can easily move it from one place to another pace with the help of 2 casters which are provided in it. So overall it is good to buy if you are looking for the small topside creeper.

Features of Whiteside foldable topside creeper includes:

  • Total item weight is 69 pounds
  • Product dimensions is 30 x 46 x 7 inches
  • It is having padded top for great comfort while working
  • Can bear weight up to 300 LBS
  • Provided with 2 casters for easy movement
  • Easy to assemble
  • Having Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Provided with Powder coated finishing
  • Easy to adjust the height from 43.25 inches to 57.75 inches

Best Topside Creeper buying guide

There are lots of best topside creeper available in the market which you know. But still, you have to do a complete study before investing your money in buying the best topside creeper. For this, we have to focus on some important points which should be there your topside creeper.

These points will help you to pick up the best topside creeper for you. All the foldable creepers are different in design with adjustable height. So all these things will help you to find the best topside creeper for your garage.

  1. Adjustable height: It is one of the most important points which we should consider while planning for the topside creeper. We can not ignore the height issue. Always make sure that you always buy such topside creeper which is adjustable in height. You should take care of the height range so that you can find out the best unit for your ideal work. If your creeper is having good height then you can easily carry out your task comfortably. A good creeper should always have a height range from 48 inches and above.
  2. Budget: It is also an important point for those people whose profession is not auto repair work. Going for the cheapest topside creeper every time is not intelligence. Always go for such a unit that offers you the best value for money. Check out the best quality topside creeper for you as per your requirement.
  3. Extra padding: Sometimes extra padding is very important for us. Those people who are high weight, they should always go for extra padding topside creeper.
  4. Comfort level: The main objective of buying topside creeper is a comfort. People buy creepers only for their comfort while working over the engine compartment. Always pay attention to the unit’s design, the deck of creeper along with its features. Try to go for such creeper which good for your body structure and provide great comfort.
  5. Movement: If a topside creeper is unable to do smooth movement then we should not go for it. Most of the topside creepers are having wheels at the bottom of the base to provide smooth movement from point to point. For a smooth movement over the flor of garage, casters should be well connected with the base of creepers. Also, ensure that the locking system should be there in casters for the best stability while working over the engine compartment.
  6. Storage: Once we received a new topside creeper and assemble into a fully functional unit then it is very difficult to store in the garage. It covers lots of space, to avoid that we should always go for such topside creepers which are foldable in nature. We can easily place foldable topside creeper at a compact position in our garage.

How to safely use foldable topside creeper?

Safety should be paramount everywhere, whether you working at a garage or home. It is best for us to buy the best topside creeper but it is totally different for us to use it in a safe manner. With proper safety, you can not only keep your tools in good condition but also you can keep yourself away from serious injuries.

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Here are some dafty tips which will help you to use this unit in the right way. A small carelessness or failure can be responsible for major mishappening. It can destroy ous life.

The Do’s

  • Properly inspect your creeper every time before and after use. Always make sure that there should not be any damage in your topside creeper. If the damage is there then repair it first and then use it.
  • Ensure that all the nuts and bolts are at there place and tighten properly. Nothing should be missing from your creeper.
  • All the casters should be in proper condition. Ensure that all the casters are working properly and the locking system of castes is also working. It should not move after putting the lock-on of casters.
  • Make sure that you have placed an angle adjustment bar at the correct position and it will not slip from it. It should not be at an intermediate place.
  • While climbing over creeper, ensure that your shoes should not be slippy. Always facing to creeper whether you car climbing up or down.

The Don’ts

  • Never go for Topside creeper if you are facing health issues. You will be serious injuries while working if you are not healthy enough to work for a long time.
  • If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs then never try to climb on the creeper. You might fall down while working and will get an injury.
  • Those people who are not fully fit and facing some problems like physical disabilities, should not try to take the help of topside creeper.
  • Always take care of the maximum load capacity of a foldable topside creeper, do not try to overload your creeper. It may badly damage.
  • Do not try to work with creepers while the engine is running. It may put you in great trouble.

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Final words

Those people who are working in the lifted trucks, then you should always go for Traxion 3-700 Progear topside creeper. Your investment into the best topside creeper will make a huge difference in your working style and efficiency.

All these best foldable topside creepers offer you great comfort and also help you to reach easily at the engine compartment without causing any injury. With the best top side creeper beside you will make your work safely, comfortably and without experiencing any stress or fatigue on the body.